November 8, 2012

All new exciting changes have been happening. Moved to a new house, so a brand new kitchen. very exciting. Been doing some experiments with chocolate making which is messy and sticky but lots of fun. Will be selling boxes of chocolates for christmas. Looking forward to starting to make all sorts of festive treats!

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"RT @SoVeryBritish: Life is just making it from one cup of tea to the next"
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"Oooh Halloween is coming! 🐱🍫🍬🎃🤡👹💀👻👽☻🧟‍♀️"
20 days ago
"Last wedding cake of the year!"
27 days ago
"RT @JimMFelton: “I will perform surgery on you and make you look like Tom Cruise” “Sign me up” “Ok I lied I’m going to replace your hands w…"
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